A celebration of early education

Award ceremony of the German Kita Prize: we were there! And we’re proud as can be, even though we didn’t win a trophy. We have gained great experiences regardless! A celebration of early education Let’s tell it like it is: we would have preferred to bring home another message from Berlin. Now it has become

Under one roof with foxes, wild boars, and hedgehogs

With the forest-dweller project receiving the “ÖkoKids 2022” award. For the forest children, the kindergarten grounds are like their extended home. It’s clear that they want to know exactly who their roommates are in this forest shared living space. The youngest children among us, the Snail and Meadow children (two to three-year-olds), were particularly fascinated

Learning from each other and benefiting together.

As consultation institutions, the Waldkinder Regensburg, until today, provide support to other institutions in implementing the Bavarian Educational and Upbringing Plan (BayBEP). The project was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family, and Women. What is achieved with this project? Since the end of 2005, childcare facilities in Bavaria have

Children: Constructors of Sustainable Education

What does a kindergarten have to do with the financial crisis or climate change? Or to rephrase it: What can a kindergarten do against global crises in environmental issues, economy, and finance? Nothing, you might think? UNESCO thinks differently! This year, a Bavarian forest kindergarten was awarded for its achievements in the field of “Education