Kick-off in Merchweiler

Now things are getting rolling in Merchweiler. When the planners met for the joint kick-off on the soccer field, there was already a good team spirit in the air. Today a soccer field – tomorrow a daycare The team of architects, planners, the community, Mayor Patrick Weydmann, and us as the provider has already warmed

First Date in Merchweiler

It was already marked prominently on the calendar – the first date in and with Merchweiler, where in 2025, it’s not just about opening a new daycare center, but the #DaycareofTomorrow! What exactly this is meant to be, you will find out in this article.

Together towards energy self-sufficiency

Together with the municipality of Merchweiler, we are pursuing a central guiding principle in the construction of our new facility: CrowdTarkie. We aim to harness the benefits of renewable energy generation together, with the goal of becoming a self-sufficient community, and our daycare center as a driving force behind it.

Info Evening in Merchweiler

Shhhhh, have you heard? Something big is coming for the little ones in Wemmetsweiler. Do you want to know more about it and have the opportunity to meet our team in person? Well then – SAVE THE FIRST DATE! On March 14th at 6:00 PM, we will present the planned project in Merchweiler and are