What’s growing between the carrots?

In their own vegetable and plant patch, the children have a whole new experience. A game of patience in which there is more to win than a delicious cucumber, which of course tastes much better than from the supermarket.

“Magical Sounds” of the Forest Children

What do “forest musicians,” rock music, and senior citizens have in common? You will find out from our social media manager Verena, who accompanied the event in Herrieden for you.

And who came up with it? The forest children did!

Whether there will be a lion or an outhouse on the roof of the forest module, and what will go “plump” in which direction, is not entirely clear yet, but one thing is certain – the children’s ideas are reflected in the construction plans.

So, now this goes into the pan.

Levi stands by the stove with green leaf clippings, about to slide them from the cutting board into the pot. This ingredient looks somewhat strange. Me: “What do you have there?” Him: “My daffodil.” A meaningful event from our educational routine, experienced and narrated by Barbara from our educational professional team. I look around: the

Ice and Fire

The sparks fly among the forest children even in sub-zero temperatures. This example demonstrates how flow works.

Seeing the World through the Eyes of Children

Lived Participation – How Children Become Designers of Their Own Daycare. A meaningful event from our everyday pedagogical life, experienced and narrated by Barbara from our pedagogical team. Parkplatz hustle and bustle at the forest children’s place. Arriving. Laughing. Playing. The children gather in a circle and sing their welcome song. The morning sun captures

The dismissal of the old hares – a ritual of transition.

The farewell of the “Alte Hasen,” the oldest children in the forest kindergarten, was once again a touching celebration for everyone involved. After spending the night in the forest and enjoying a communal breakfast, the children are told what makes each of them special and the impact they have left behind. For the farewell, the

Fossil researchers on the hunt for traces.

Project group explores quarry near Neudorf: “Mama, tomorrow I need a hammer and safety goggles at kindergarten.” Indeed, that sounds very exciting! With this somewhat atypical equipment in their kindergarten backpacks, the “Stone” project group of the Waldkinder Regensburg set off for a day towards the quarry near Neudorf in April – on the hunt