Cooking by Colors

Since the beginning of the year, Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt from the Lemabri Restaurant have been cooking for the EPGlinos. The menu features creative, balanced, and high-quality fresh cuisine: What’s behind it, what’s on the plate in the children’s bistro, and what are their takeaways from the first few weeks? In December 2023, Sarah

What’s growing between the carrots?

In their own vegetable and plant patch, the children have a whole new experience. A game of patience in which there is more to win than a delicious cucumber, which of course tastes much better than from the supermarket.

Education meets taste

Kita meets Michelin-star cuisine! With Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt, we have wonderful people by our side in Boppard, who will serve our children with nutritious food education and create joy in eating. Long-established practical experience, freshly grown ideas, and of course, a pinch of humor – the ingredients for a good collaboration. Providing a