Little Duck and Lion experience an adventure

Our young authors Marlene and Lukas from Herrieden were searching for Little, their plush polar bear, but he had something completely different in mind with his friends… #childsperspective

Decorated, Made up, In costume

Unicorns, ladybugs, dragons, knights, or witches – in our daycare centers, the Carnival days were colorful, fun, and exuberant. What did the children wish for at their celebrations, and were there possibly any surprises? And Lani from the team in Pielenhofen shares the Carnival celebration story of the forest children . What is needed for

And who came up with it? The forest children did!

Whether there will be a lion or an outhouse on the roof of the forest module, and what will go “plump” in which direction, is not entirely clear yet, but one thing is certain – the children’s ideas are reflected in the construction plans.

Seeing the World through the Eyes of Children

Lived Participation – How Children Become Designers of Their Own Daycare. A meaningful event from our everyday pedagogical life, experienced and narrated by Barbara from our pedagogical team. Parkplatz hustle and bustle at the forest children’s place. Arriving. Laughing. Playing. The children gather in a circle and sing their welcome song. The morning sun captures