Have we ever had the pleasure? No? We are littlebigFuture, an independent and non-profit sponsor for educational facilities. We are two years old, so precisely the right age for daycare. And we are correspondingly curious for this age, about you as well. We don’t want to work for you – but with you. And in the end, for all of us together. After all, through early education, we make our children strong for later on. It just makes sense and is a real pleasure every day. Download sponsor brochure  

What connects us all

We often agree – but time and again we don’t. Yet, at the bottom of our hearts there are many things that unite us. First and foremost, the desire to try something new. And a large dose of confidence.

We can appreciate that there are not only apples, there are also pears – and that they all help to keep the energy flowing. And in the right direction to boot: in high-quality education for all children.


We all live in a complex world. And are looking for answers to the questions of today. This is not easy at all and rarely “right” and “wrong”. We draw on our experiences and previously thought thoughts and try to look all the way into the future. Whether we really “say sooth” here, we do not know. And yet we want to remain thirsty for knowledge and hungry for education. Every day.


We don’t mean the daily spirit when we get up (or are gotten up by our children). And yet, every day when we get up, we know why we are doing this.

That’s what unites us: we all love (our children, of course, and) the tomorrow. Just not all of us love the mornings – that’s where we differ. But once we are awake, we look forward to what is to come.


We are looking in the same direction with confidence, but from very different perspectives. For education needs each and every one of us. Some are good with children, others with numbers or pictures and words: with all of our unique skills and experiences – and with the children – we shape our educational spaces. Maybe soon together with you?


Regardless of which superpower we bring to the table, we won’t get far on our own. That’s why we involve all of you (m/f/d): the parents, the employees of the city or municipality, local organic farmers, or schools/universities: we tackle education together. And with new ideas. This is what we want to find. That’s why we’re stepping out of the house – and out of our comfort zone. We are curious to see what and whom we might encounter. For example, you!


This is how Gudrun and her team described us after switching to us as sponsors (after the first celebration together). For us, the greatest of all compliments. We also struggle with the conditions in education, for sure – and sometimes even with ourselves. But we much prefer to laugh together, with the children, and yes, sometimes at ourselves. We admit: some of us come from a time when bad jokes were considered good form. So we also still have a lot to learn. And it is worth getting up every morning for that alone.


We do not want to teach our children anything. We want to accompany them as they explore, discover and experience. Regardless of whether they are understanding nature or exploring digital space: We make sure that they feel safe and secure with us and find exciting stimuli.

We do not take our children by the hand. We let them guide us. Based on the children’s perspective approach (“Kinderperspetivenansatz”) and our orientation towards natural space education (“Naturraumpädagogik”), we focus on the following in our day care centres:

Creating awareness for sustainability
Experiencing nature wherever possible

Creativity & responsibility in digital space

Learn more about our educational concept:

Download pedagogical concept

Or dive into our everyday educational life with us and the children:

Ice and Fire

The sparks fly among the forest children even in sub-zero temperatures. This example demonstrates how flow works.



Our priority: freshly cooked and organic whenever possible. When it comes to nutritional education, we also look beyond our plates: because children absorb so much more than "just" energy and nutrients when they eat. Would you like a taste?
Our nutritional concept
At the top of our agenda: Practicing education for sustainable development today together with our children (and trainees), so that they can pass it on tomorrow. This has also brought us to the top: to the top selection for the German Kita Award 2023!
Award-winning ESD work
Let's just convert the children's immense energy into... Well, we're not quite there yet. At the moment, we are using ecologically generated energy - in our day-care centres and in the office. And the power of the crowd - more about that here shortly.
CrowdTark - Energieautarky
Payment according to the Wage Agreement for Public Service (TVöD)? A matter of honour. Work-life balance, compatibility of family and profession (calling), people and culture instead of human resources - this bullshit bingo can be played endlessly. What counts in the end is: the focus on people, their experience and their life situation.

The 2030 Agenda

We are not going to save our world overnight. And we won't tackle all 17 Global Goals at the same time. That's why we are working on those ToDo’s (or YouDo’s, as we like to call them) first and foremost. To the best of our knowledge and belief that there are still many of you out there who are doing their part.
17 UN Goals
Children are our driving force. For them and with them, we want to design our spaces of education. With curiosity and an explorative spirit, they create something new every day - in the daycare centre, but also in our InnovationLab. Here, products are created by and for children.
Local people enrich our facilities with their pursuits - and vice versa. Together we implement sustainable building and energy concepts or cultivate purchasing cooperations.
"Do you want to be with us?" We take the children's perspective seriously, even before they start with us, and let them agree to the care contract - age-appropriate and in their own way.
Education needs all of us: that's why we involve every expertise, in our team as well as in our network, e.g. with the Fraunhofer Institute IIS or the State Academy for Social Pedagogy at the BSZ Regensburger Land. Together with the latter, we form a strong alliance for training.
Bündnisarbeit, die wirkt


Our daycare centres are the heart of our work. Here, children and adults bring our pedagogy to life.
We have already set out with these first childcare institutions.
Little by little, new daycare centres will be added – all over Germany.

Waldkinder Regensburg


Wiesenweg 1
93188 Pielenhofen

Waldkinder Herrieden


Bärenloch 1a
91567 Herrieden

Waldkinder Tegernheim


Zur Hohen Linie 63
93105 Tegernheim

littlebigFuture Boppard


Alte Römerstraße 3,
56154 Boppard-Buchholz

littlebigFuture Schiffweiler


Heiligenwalder Straße
66578 Schiffweiler

littlebigFuture Merchweiler


In der Wolfskaul
66589 Merchweiler



Planned location:
at Würschtlberg



Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 15 74564 Crailsheim

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Education needs all of us. And facilities that take the strain out of everyday life. That’s why we include every angle in our search for sustainable solutions – from planning and construction to software solutions and interior design. We work in a strong network:

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We would be happy if the connection was right and we got to know each other better.

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