A Week in the Theater Frenzy

How a Craft Day Turned into an Exciting Theater Project? Gudrun, the head of the Waldkinder Tegernheim, describes this specific example in the following flow.

It was a Monday or Tuesday at the end of February. I entered the trailer where three children had just crafted some colorful paper ghosts. These ghosts were painted and cut out, and you could see through their eyes. I admired them, and in our conversation, we realized that they could be used for a theater play. The spark of enthusiasm ignited tremendously. “Let’s do a theater play!” They shared their project with everyone during our closing circle. Afterward, they began to draw personalized invitation cards, full of humor, creativity, and dedication! The process of making the invitation cards stretched over several days, with the three of them huddled together, using vibrant colors, and filled with laughter. And sparkling eyes. We would occasionally inquire curiously about what was happening, but otherwise, we stayed out of their way.

One morning, a child brought a homemade castle, and they also created a princess and a knight. Everyone else was eagerly waiting for the performance to take place.

Then, on Friday morning, even before our welcoming circle, they brought chairs out of the trailer, arranged them neatly in rows, and carried a table with united effort. They said, “Now we just need a rope and a blanket!” On that morning, the theater got a fourth participant, they rehearsed, and the excitement grew.

A highlight was seeing children walking around with their invitation cards in hand, quietly taking their seats as audience members even before the show started. It showed once again how many children had been internally involved in the theater throughout the week, eagerly anticipating the performance, even if they were not visibly participating. When everything was set up, and the curtain was hung, it was enthusiastically drawn down, and the show began. Both the actors and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

So many joyful and proud faces that eagerly told their parents about the show during lunch!

This was a formative experience, particularly for the three initiators, this one week in the theater frenzy! Not everyone can claim to have independently prepared and performed an entire theater play with a real audience at the age of five or six!

We share in your excitement!