The EPGlinos are KoKita!

21. February 2024

Learning from each other: The EPGlinos have been a consultation center for digital media in daycare from the beginning, and we are already very proud of our team! This week, we really got started, and the first-grade class paid us a visit. We are very excited about the journey ahead and curious about all the possibilities this will bring!

Even before the opening in September, we sent out the application, and from this year on, it’s official! We have put a lot of heart and teamwork into it, and we are very happy that we have convinced the Ministry of Education Rhineland-Palatinate on paper alone. Now we are even more delighted that we are allowed to actively shape educational work in the field of digitalization for the next three years and can now breathe life into the concept. Thank you for that!

What do we actually do as one of 16 consultation daycares?

As a consultation daycare (also called KoKita), we are a point of contact and idea provider for other institutions and organizations in our focus area. We advise teams from other daycares, technical schools, and interested professionals, and offer training opportunities such as internships, expert days, or tours with professional exchange. We thus network our everyday practice with theory in educational institutions and demonstrate the process of a daycare center that integrates and sustainably considers digital education from the planning stage onwards. How can all stakeholders be involved and taken along on the path to a digital learning environment? What are our best practices, but also stumbling blocks and dead ends? Clearly: we are constantly evolving, learning something new every day, and are happy to pass on our experience and insights to other institutions on their journey!

Why the focus on digitalization?

We are “excited for tomorrow”: Together as a team, with families, and especially with the children, the EPGlinos try out new things. Our focus is on creatively handling and experimenting with digital tools, as also anchored in the pedagogical overall concept of littlebigFuture, but of course also sensitively and critically assessing their possibilities as an integral part of our society. Central to us is the idea that digital educational processes should be used and have an impact just as sustainably as any other educational experience, and here too, we aim for a development towards sustainable education. We do not use digital technology for its own sake, but deliberately as a tool to complement and expand children’s projects and ideas, creating new sustainable educational moments, and as meaningful support and facilitation for our team.

From the outset, we involve families in our journey, welcome their participation, listen to them, and are happy to discuss any concerns together, for example, at the parent evening specifically on this topic on February 27, 2024. We are aware that dealing with digital media in daycare is a sensitive issue that should and must be critically questioned.

As an on-site daycare center, we are fortunate to have a strong cooperation partner by our side: Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG, an internationally leading provider of smart software and logistics solutions. Together, we value high-quality and smart technical equipment that allows all participants easy access.

What digital tools can be discovered at the EPGlinos?

Right at the entrance, the first relief for everyone to discover: a “blackboard” with the most important information of the day installed as a touchscreen at the children’s height. What’s for lunch today, when are the next events? Parents can get information, and children participate directly with child-friendly voting: what do I want to eat today? How did it taste? What do I want to do today? There are also specific info screens in front of the daycare groups.

Even when researching, digital technology is becoming popular here: children examine stones with their digital endoscope and microscope or observe animals with their wildlife camera. Soon, they will also be able to bring their own ideas to life in the new 3D printer.

The littlebigFuture app brings great relief to parents: My child is sick, I’m going on vacation soon and want to unregister it, or today it will be picked up by another trusted person – instead of many calls and paperwork, these things can simply be noted digitally, and our team at daycare also finds it much easier to keep track of communication on their group phones or tablets. The app also provides parents with insights into their children’s daily lives and development documentation.

Exchange and networking as an opportunity

What our team is particularly looking forward to is mutual exchange, inspiration, and networking with the other 15 consultation daycares regarding their focuses such as inclusion or democratic education, but also with the Ministry of Education or the socio-pedagogical training center and other technical schools.

“Connecting daycares, exchanging ideas, and learning from practice for practice – that is the motto of our Rhineland-Palatinate consultation daycare centers,” explains Minister of Education Dr. Stefanie Hubig.

It’s finally starting!

After just over a month, we received 4 inquiries from school classes and daycare teams, and on Monday, February 19, 2024, it finally started with the first visit from the vocational school Boppard: within the three hours at the EPGlinos, they were able to experience in practice how digital media are integrated into educational situations and how we live the focus. Thank you for being there!

We are very much looking forward to sharing inspiring ideas with you and authentically sharing our learning process with you!

Your contact if interested

If you, your institution, your school class, etc. have now become curious, then contact our littlebigFuture expert advice Simone at the telephone number 0173-6793453 or by email at We are happy to advise you on which of our offers best suits you 😊

Our outlook and a big thank you

We are very excited and eagerly await the new connections that will arise from this and are happy to be surprised!

Many thanks also to our partners, the vocational school BBS Boppard, the specialist advice from the Youth Welfare Office Rhein-Hunsrück, especially Ms. Nicole Schneider, and a big thank you again to our EPGlinos team, the parents, and of course the children on site!

If you want to learn more about the EPGlinos, feel free to visit our facility page 😊