What’s growing between the carrots?

In their own vegetable and plant patch, the children have a whole new experience. A game of patience in which there is more to win than a delicious cucumber, which of course tastes much better than from the supermarket.

“Magical Sounds” of the Forest Children

What do “forest musicians,” rock music, and senior citizens have in common? You will find out from our social media manager Verena, who accompanied the event in Herrieden for you.

And who came up with it? The forest children did!

Whether there will be a lion or an outhouse on the roof of the forest module, and what will go “plump” in which direction, is not entirely clear yet, but one thing is certain – the children’s ideas are reflected in the construction plans.

Arrive, Settle In, Feel at Home

During the start last September, everything was new territory for the Waldkinder Herrieden. So, the first weeks primarily focused on coming together as a group, exploring the nearby and distant terrain, and getting to know the neighborhood (such as the nearby college). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this initial period of arrival and making friends. The clearing

Ice and Fire

The sparks fly among the forest children even in sub-zero temperatures. This example demonstrates how flow works.

In the forest, a loud “Hooray” resounded.

The forest children celebrated the opening. At the opening ceremony of our forest kindergarten, Herrieden once again proved: here, everyone is really involved – even the weather. While the morning of Friday, October 21st, was still gray and rainy, the sun came out on time in the afternoon at the Bärenlochhütte. Hand in hand, all