In the forest, a loud “Hooray” resounded.

The forest children celebrated the opening.

At the opening ceremony of our forest kindergarten, Herrieden once again proved: here, everyone is really involved – even the weather. While the morning of Friday, October 21st, was still gray and rainy, the sun came out on time in the afternoon at the Bärenlochhütte. Hand in hand, all participants had created something really wonderful there: Nature itself had decorated in the most beautiful autumn colors, and our kindergarten and provider team had made all the other preparations. The children themselves opened the celebration with their musical contribution. Their families, together with the provider, had prepared delicious treats for the buffet.

The speeches by representatives of the city, district, and our provider littlebigFuture were also dedicated to them – the children and their families. Managing Director Michael Bergmann thanked everyone involved for their dedicated efforts that made this forest kindergarten possible in such a short time. Less than a year after the idea was initiated by facility manager Aline Rapp, the project was launched, and Mayor Dorina Jechnerer was also enthusiastic about the cooperation. She thanked the German Alpine Club (DAV) for providing this space for the children, as well as the city council for their bold decision and the parents for their trust. She gave the children the city crest as a sticker, so that the hare of Herrieden could also hop through the forest with them. A loud “Hurray” for Herrieden’s commitment was also called out by Deputy District Administrator Stefan Horndasch – with the support of the children. Because even at the district level, they are happy about this attractive addition to the diverse childcare landscape. And the children were once again delighted with gifts: gummy bears made from juice of regional orchard fruits.

After all visitors had strengthened themselves at the buffet, they set off together to explore the actual forest area of the kindergarten. After a short walk, they arrived at the beautiful clearing in the forest. There, small and big collectors created a mandala together from natural materials. A collaborative artwork emerged, constantly evolving under the hands of everyone present – just as we wish for the forest kindergarten in the future. We thank everyone who contributed to the success and all those who followed our invitation. We are particularly pleased that professionals from other facilities were also present and look forward to good long-term exchanges. For families, we also have good news: a few spots are still available at the forest kindergarten, and interested parties for the next kindergarten year can already contact us for a visit. The forest still smells of autumn.

Photos: Günther Holzinger


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