Little Duck and Lion experience an adventure

Our young authors Marlene and Lukas from Herrieden were searching for Little, their plush polar bear, but he had something completely different in mind with his friends… #childsperspective

What’s growing between the carrots?

In their own vegetable and plant patch, the children have a whole new experience. A game of patience in which there is more to win than a delicious cucumber, which of course tastes much better than from the supermarket.

A Week in the Theater Frenzy

How a Craft Day Turned into an Exciting Theater Project? Gudrun, the head of the Waldkinder Tegernheim, describes this specific example in the following flow. It was a Monday or Tuesday at the end of February. I entered the trailer where three children had just crafted some colorful paper ghosts. These ghosts were painted and

Who works on the weekends at the kindergarten?

Once a month, the WALDKIDS gather on the premises of the Pielenhofen Forest Kindergarten. Some of the children have already attended the forest kindergarten, while others are new to the group.

Fossil researchers on the hunt for traces.

Project group explores quarry near Neudorf: “Mama, tomorrow I need a hammer and safety goggles at kindergarten.” Indeed, that sounds very exciting! With this somewhat atypical equipment in their kindergarten backpacks, the “Stone” project group of the Waldkinder Regensburg set off for a day towards the quarry near Neudorf in April – on the hunt