„Alte Hasen“ lernen von Löwen

Unsere „Alten Hasen“ im Wald sind zwar schon länger dabei, lernen aber nie aus. Diesmal durften sie von einem Löwen lernen: Nach dem zweitägigen Resilienztraining mit Kathrin Jordan erhielten die Vorschulkinder anschließend alle eine Urkunde, auf der der stolze Löwe thront – als Symbol für Stärke und Mut. Um Resilienz und Selbstbehauptung geht es in

Boys’ Day at the Forest Kindergarten

Dip into the adventure of Forest Kindergarten and spend a day with us where you will rethink kindergarten and understand what is involved in the profession of a childcare worker or educator. On Boys’ Day, you can expect a day in the forest with our group of children. From building huts to playing games, reading

Decorated, Made up, In costume

Unicorns, ladybugs, dragons, knights, or witches – in our daycare centers, the Carnival days were colorful, fun, and exuberant. What did the children wish for at their celebrations, and were there possibly any surprises? And Lani from the team in Pielenhofen shares the Carnival celebration story of the forest children . What is needed for

…and how do the parents like it with us?

For 2 years now, we’ve been walking together through the forest, and it’s been a great celebration for us! The parents from Pielenhofen also wanted to share their experiences with us. How do they and their children experience their time with us in the forest kindergarten? #parentsperspective

Pre-Christmas Season in the Daycares


From plenty of snow fun and forest Christmas decorations to designing Advent calendars and visits from Santa Claus, to Christmas baking and crafting workshops, it had everything!

What is shining here?

Children’s eyes and lanterns! In all our daycares, the Festival of Lights or St. Martin’s Day was celebrated differently, because here too, it means: the children have it in their own hands!

A celebration of early education

Award ceremony of the German Kita Prize: we were there! And we’re proud as can be, even though we didn’t win a trophy. We have gained great experiences regardless! A celebration of early education Let’s tell it like it is: we would have preferred to bring home another message from Berlin. Now it has become

Out of the forest, onto the water!

Nature, sustainability and digitalization. These are the three focal points of our educational work. During a visit aboard our adventures, the Waldkinder Regensburg were able to experience these firsthand. What is it like to live on a ship in harmony with nature? How do Anna, Paul and Hansen sail through Europe in a CO2-neutral way,