Groundbreaking for our first home daycare

Even though it may look very formal here: Starting from autumn 2023, this place will come alive! Others will dig, build, tinker, screw, and hammer!

With the groundbreaking ceremony for the company-affiliated daycare center “EPGlinos” in Boppard, we took a significant step towards the daycare center of tomorrow last week. Michael, our founder and CEO (2nd from the right), rightly beams like a happy child.

With the Ehrhardt Partner Group, we have found a partner who invests in the future of our children together with us and brings our littlebigFuture concept to life.

Bring life to the place too: Whether it’s a daycare center or a workplace – get in touch with us now. Find out where you are needed on our job page 


What is shining here?

Children’s eyes and lanterns! In all our daycares, the Festival of Lights or St. Martin’s Day was celebrated differently, because here too, it means: the children have it in their own hands!

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The EPGlinos are KoKita!

Learning from and with each other: The EPGlinos have been a consultation center for digital media in daycare from the beginning, and we are already very proud of our team! This week, we really got started, and the first grade class visited us. We are very excited about the journey ahead and curious about all the possibilities this will bring!

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