Wood store opened!

What do the forest children in Tegernheim actually do? Wood trading!

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  • Waldkinder Tegernheim
Setting up a wood shop with three of them, involving other children and organizing an opening celebration. Voila! From an idea, a big project for the whole week has emerged, and the children enthusiastically supply the shop with their wood finds. And how do they pay in the forest? Naturally, with pinecones! Every child who has helped is given a chance to stand behind the counter, and the other children eagerly purchase sticks. Even a group from another kindergarten, visiting the forest, joyfully went “shopping” in the wood shop. And, of course, the parents received a personal tour when picking up their children. Now, there are even two shop detectives hired – what could have happened? And what are stocks, anyway? So many questions arise… The children will find the answers themselves! “Sorry, my next customer is here, I can’t talk anymore,” says David, “the absolute best shopkeeper” of the wood shop, in his voice message to our social media team – looks like the shop is thriving!



Now come the children!

Yay – we will soon be able to welcome those who matter most: your children! Even before the daycare starts, we – the team and the families – will all get to know each other: at the parent-child afternoon on 14.09.23

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What’s growing between the carrots?

In their own vegetable and plant patch, the children have a whole new experience. A game of patience in which there is more to win than a delicious cucumber, which of course tastes much better than from the supermarket.

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