Education meets taste

Kita meets Michelin-star cuisine! With Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt, we have wonderful people by our side in Boppard, who will serve our children with nutritious food education and create joy in eating.

Long-established practical experience, freshly grown ideas, and of course, a pinch of humor - the ingredients for a good collaboration.

Providing a varied and balanced diet that excites the taste buds of their own child is not always easy – Sarah and Christian have experienced this for the past two years with their own son. But catering to the taste of 80 children is a whole different challenge. They see children as “brutally honest” when it comes to taste, and they view it as their new challenge, which they will face from September at the Kinderbistro of EPGlinos.

Not only will they try what is served on the table, but there will also be room for developing their own taste. Because food can be fun – not just when eating, but also during preparation. And this is where the expertise of the chefs meets the creativity of the children. Whether steamed, pureed, or baked – we have two people here who know how it’s done. And the lowered countertops at children’s height ensure cooking at eye level. We are excited to see what they will conjure up.

The star chefs not only bring their experience to the kindergarten but also their commitment to quality ingredients. Sustainable, delicious, and local – that’s exactly to our taste!

After all, our goal is not only to serve healthy food but also to promote a sustainable approach to nutrition. When it comes to education, nutrition is truly a “bountiful table” and a central pedagogical task for us.

Whether at home or in our facility, it is clear that every child has not only hunger but also a great thirst for knowledge. And this thirst is often quenched during mealtime. Alongside nutrients and energy, children absorb so much when it comes to food: they acquire motor, social, and cognitive skills and experience a sense of self-efficacy. In doing so, we create the foundation for them to be competent in the field of nutrition as early as possible and lay the groundwork for a healthy eating behavior.

To find out more about what matters to us, you can explore our nutrition concept.

If you want to take a look at our conversation with Sarah and Christian, feel free to watch our video in the image gallery here. And if you click further, you can see what the Kinderbistro is going to look like.


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