Familien wandern zusammen mit der Kita in der Natur

Hiking together is the most enjoyable.

12. June 2024

Over 30 families and the EPGlinos team gathered last Friday for Family Hiking Day. In the end, nearly 100 (big and small) people joined the invitation.

In the best weather, the hiking group, equipped with strollers, wagons, balance bikes, snacks, provisions, and picnic blankets, set off. We wandered through forests and across meadows, passing cows and horses, heading towards a large playground. The idea was to get to know each other better, make contacts, and exchange thoughts on various topics.

Upon arrival at the playground, those who still had energy could continue to play on climbing structures, carousels, and in the sandbox. The rest made themselves comfortable on the picnic blankets, fortified with snacks brought from home, and engaged in conversation with their blanket neighbors.

Towards evening, families gradually made their way back home. With full bellies and sore muscles, but also with many beautiful impressions and numerous new contacts and acquaintances!

In short: Family Hiking Day was a great success! Parents got to know each other better, colleagues engaged in personal exchanges with moms and dads, and the children had an incredibly fun time and surely slept well after all the walking and countless new experiences!

We’re glad so many of you were able to join us! We were very happy! Until next time!


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