Open House Day in Hirschau

Date: 14.05.2024

Time: 15:30 Uhr

Location: At the future daycare site above Würstlberg, Hirschau

The word has spread – now you can see it with your own eyes. He really exists: the Gruffalo. And not just him, but also the new forest kindergarten at Würstlberg.

Everyone interested can discover both on Tuesday, May 14th, in the forest. We will start a “Gruffalo reading walk” at 3:30 PM on the grounds above the former Waldesruh restaurant. We’ll stroll through the forest with the little mouse, accompanied by verses from the famous children’s book.

You’ll also learn where the journey with the Waldkinder Hirschau will go starting this fall. We’ll discuss it afterward while serving you our favorite snacks. Come and try them out.

Meet us in an open circle: Anke, Janine, Nicole, and Hannes will show you where the ZINIPI forest module will be created and how we have developed it with our extensive experience in forest kindergarten.

Families and professionals will get an insight into what to expect in our educational daily life. We can’t predict it exactly – because the children help shape it. That’s part of our concept. Anke, originally from Schnaittenbach and leading the Waldkinder Regensburg for 16 years, will bring the idea of nature pedagogy to life. Her everyday examples will give you a good sense of what it means to be a Waldkind.

Janine and Nicole will be available to answer practical questions about registration, opening hours, booking times, etc. Everyone is invited – not just families with kindergarten children. The afternoon is open to all – whether educational staff, school representatives, associations, or simply interested citizens.

Come out and take a look! What could be better in the lovely spring air? We’ll be there even if it smells like rain. The afternoon will take place in any weather. That’s what everyday life in a forest kindergarten is like – every day is a new adventure. Give it a try!

Key Information about Waldkinder Hirschau:

  • Planned Start September 2024
  • Care Places:Up to 25 children, from 3 years old until school entry
  • Planned Opening Hours: 7:30 AM to 02:15 PM
  • Location: On the grounds of Würstlberg, above the former Waldesruh restaurant
  • Open House Afternoon: Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at the forest grounds starting at 3:30 PM