Information Evening for the Waldkinder Tegernheim

On November 22nd at 7:00 PM, the information evening will take place at the fire station in Tegernheim. Here, you will learn everything you want to know – from A like pickup time to Z like future-oriented.

To good neighbors

This week, the forest children had the opportunity to visit our neighbors, who are also dedicated parents within our daycare community.

Wood store opened!

What do the forest children in Tegernheim actually do? Wood trading! Setting up a wood shop with three of them, involving other children and organizing an opening celebration. Voila! From an idea, a big project for the whole week has emerged, and the children enthusiastically supply the shop with their wood finds. And how do

A Week in the Theater Frenzy

How a Craft Day Turned into an Exciting Theater Project? Gudrun, the head of the Waldkinder Tegernheim, describes this specific example in the following flow. It was a Monday or Tuesday at the end of February. I entered the trailer where three children had just crafted some colorful paper ghosts. These ghosts were painted and

Shared joy is double joy

To every new beginning, there is a magic inherent… Spring enchants us every year with the feeling of new beginnings. We are celebrating it particularly this year, as it is our first spring together. Since January, we are the Waldkinder (Forest Children) here in Tegernheim in this constellation: as a littlebigFuture institution and with the

Getting to Know Each Other in the Snow

Our First Weeks Together in the Snow – How Our Gradual Acclimatization Takes Place. In January, it was “new year – new luck” for us. After the change of provider, we find ourselves in a new group composition. Together, we are starting our gradual acclimatization – the team, the children, their families, and the location