Wood store opened!

What do the forest children in Tegernheim actually do? Wood trading! Setting up a wood shop with three of them, involving other children and organizing an opening celebration. Voila! From an idea, a big project for the whole week has emerged, and the children enthusiastically supply the shop with their wood finds. And how do

A Week in the Theater Frenzy

How a Craft Day Turned into an Exciting Theater Project? Gudrun, the head of the Waldkinder Tegernheim, describes this specific example in the following flow. It was a Monday or Tuesday at the end of February. I entered the trailer where three children had just crafted some colorful paper ghosts. These ghosts were painted and

So, now this goes into the pan.

Levi stands by the stove with green leaf clippings, about to slide them from the cutting board into the pot. This ingredient looks somewhat strange. Me: “What do you have there?” Him: “My daffodil.” A meaningful event from our educational routine, experienced and narrated by Barbara from our educational professional team. I look around: the