Kick-Off in Schiffweiler

In Schiffweiler, it’s getting real! We’re making it happen together with the planners and the community. On February 1st, the planners, together with us and the Schiffweiler community, were on-site at the property, and they were quite impressed. Just as much as by the subsequent constructive cooperation with all representatives from the community and the

Kick-off in Merchweiler

Now things are getting rolling in Merchweiler. When the planners met for the joint kick-off on the soccer field, there was already a good team spirit in the air. Today a soccer field – tomorrow a daycare The team of architects, planners, the community, Mayor Patrick Weydmann, and us as the provider has already warmed

…and how do the parents like it with us?

For 2 years now, we’ve been walking together through the forest, and it’s been a great celebration for us! The parents from Pielenhofen also wanted to share their experiences with us. How do they and their children experience their time with us in the forest kindergarten? #parentsperspective

Cooking by Colors

Since the beginning of the year, Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt from the Lemabri Restaurant have been cooking for the EPGlinos. The menu features creative, balanced, and high-quality fresh cuisine: What’s behind it, what’s on the plate in the children’s bistro, and what are their takeaways from the first few weeks? In December 2023, Sarah

Education meets taste

Kita meets Michelin-star cuisine! With Sarah Henke and Christian Eckhardt, we have wonderful people by our side in Boppard, who will serve our children with nutritious food education and create joy in eating. Long-established practical experience, freshly grown ideas, and of course, a pinch of humor – the ingredients for a good collaboration. Providing a

“Magical Sounds” of the Forest Children

What do “forest musicians,” rock music, and senior citizens have in common? You will find out from our social media manager Verena, who accompanied the event in Herrieden for you.

A celebration of early education

Award ceremony of the German Kita Prize: we were there! And we’re proud as can be, even though we didn’t win a trophy. We have gained great experiences regardless! A celebration of early education Let’s tell it like it is: we would have preferred to bring home another message from Berlin. Now it has become

First Date in Merchweiler

It was already marked prominently on the calendar – the first date in and with Merchweiler, where in 2025, it’s not just about opening a new daycare center, but the #DaycareofTomorrow! What exactly this is meant to be, you will find out in this article.

Guided Tour in Laaber

Thank you to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to the Ziegaus family, who passionately made the farm world come alive for both young and old visitors.

Learning from each other and benefiting together.

As consultation institutions, the Waldkinder Regensburg, until today, provide support to other institutions in implementing the Bavarian Educational and Upbringing Plan (BayBEP). The project was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family, and Women. What is achieved with this project? Since the end of 2005, childcare facilities in Bavaria have